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Writer Wednesday: Five Video Games for Authors to De-Stress With

Hello authors and welcome to another #writerwednesday. Today on the old bloggo, I am going something and bit different and also close to my heart. Whether you wrestle with anxiety, rapidly shifting schedules, or exhaustion, summer can be a mixed bag for creatives. There are days where even the idea of engaging with other forms of media feels like too much for my fried brain and I am someone who adores consuming all forms of media.

When it comes to those times, I choose to unplug with a game, usually on my computer and in my time as a gamer, I've come across a wide variety of games that could appeal to an author looking to de-stress and relax. I can go on and on about the benefits of playing video games. Games often feature rich story telling, and the immersive experience of RPGs can improve an author's handle on the craft. Not to mention the benefits of relaxing your brain at the end of a long day. Video games are another form of story telling, and some are more subtle than others. There is no age limit on who can play video games and many games are made to be accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Now video games aren't for everyone, BUT, you may surprise yourself by trying something new.

Five Video Games for Authors to De-Stress With

1. WytchWood

This one is for lovers of fairytales and fantasy. Wytchwood is a very chill and relaxing point and click sort of game. As the titular witch, you're tasked with collecting ingredients to craft potions and spells to solve the ongoing mystery that unfolds as you go. The illustrated art is luscious and the characters are funny and quirky. The tasks are engaging but you can also just wander and enjoy the vibes.

2. Unpacking

Unpacking seems pretty straightforward at first. You're tasked with unpacking the boxes to fill an empty room (and later home) at different stages of life. Unpacking will surprise you by how relaxing it is to find a place for everything and just zone out to the peaceful colorful graphics. Unpacking is currently available to play on several devices and is slated to become even more accessible with a mobile phone version later this year.

3. Stardew Valley

Listen there is a reason this game has sold over 10 million copies and crops up in all the lists you can think of. Featuring gorgeous pixel art, easy to learn features, and a playing experience that is literally unlimited, Stardew Valley appeals to a wide range. You, the player character, have inherited your grandfather's farm and your task is to settle in, bring the farm back to life, and integrate with the small town you've moved to.

It offers a variety of play styles, allows you to cultivate relationships with the townsfolk or act like a complete hermit in your little corner of the world. There is everything from fishing to mining, to crafting, and every season changes the world around you. From keeping chickens and cows, to delving the local mines, there is so much to explore in this game world and it is a perfect way to let your mind wander after a long day. Stardew is another highly accessible game available to play on almost any device you can think of including the computer and your mobile phone.

4. Gris

This may be one of the most visually beautiful games I've included on the list and I recommend it as a game to immerse yourself and enjoy the gorgeous art as you bound through this more simplistic game. There is little to no text involved with most of the puzzle solving direction being through universal icons. Beneath the stunning art, a story about grief, fear, and overcoming those dark emotions carries your through the game.

5. The Sims 4

The Sims are the Grand Daddy of Life Simulation games but they are very escapist, fairly easy to learn, and another game that is accessible on everything from your computer to your phone and every device in between. Within the system of the game, you can do just about whatever you want with your created characters and the Sims encourages a very relaxing vibe to its game play despite the occasional disasters that crop up for your characters. The sounds are goofy, the character actions might make you giggle, and you are guaranteed to unwind and relax while lording over your characters as a benevolent (or wrathful) deity. The Sims, like Stardew, sets itself as a world where you can take the basic parameters and do whatever you want with it, allowing you to just vibe.

More Recommendations for the Gaming Author

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