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One girl’s quest to find her father, one lie that changes everything...


Sixteen-year-old Skye has got to believe there’s more to life than surviving day-to-day with her dysfunctional mother. And she’s tired of working in the entertainment industry that clearly doesn’t see her as anything more than a prop. But none of that matters because Skye plans to find her father, and when she does, she’ll finally have the life she longs for. 

Drawn out of isolation when she meets the engaging Sebastian, getting to know him is cut short when she and her mother get cast on a reality show. Skye clearly has no interest in being on a show with her mother, but it’s the only way to get the money she needs to find her father. While filming at a Hollywood mansion with four other teens and their parents, not only does Skye make friends, but she gets the astonishing news that her father has been found. 

But when her mother sabotages her chance to meet the man claiming to be her father, Skye, Sebastian and her new friends set out on a road trip to meet him.  As friendships deepen on the journey, coming face to face with her father isn’t at all what Skye expected and begins the unraveling of her mothers deceptive lies. If Skye doesn’t start trusting in herself, she may never figure out that where she belongs might just be found in an unexpected place.

S&S Colored Sword & 3D Monogram Rose Gol
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