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NetGalley Picks from Sword and Silk Books

In the vast universe of books, tucked away in a special corner of the internet, lies a well-known haven for readers yearning for their next great read. It's a place you're probably familiar with, a place where stories abound, waiting to be discovered before they even grace the bookstore shelves. Yes, I'm talking about NetGalley. It's still there, still offering a bounty of books, including some captivating titles from our very own Sword and Silk Books.

As you browse through the myriad of possibilities NetGalley offers, allow me to highlight a couple of gems that are sure to pique your interest and draw you into worlds both fantastic and frosty.

For those with an appetite for urban fantasy, the Keys & Guardians series by Justine Manzano is a must-read. The complete series is now available in an Omnibus edition, and it's a treasure chest of adventure, magic, and the timeless struggle between light and dark.

The clock is ticking, though. This Omnibus, which includes all three novels and the bonus novella "Fuel & Fire," is available on NetGalley only until March 14th. Make sure to claim your ticket to this extraordinary journey while you can.

If your literary taste veers towards the frost-kissed and mythical, then "A Burden of Ice and Bone" by Kyra Whitton is poised to become your next great escape. Newly listed on NetGalley, this tale of courage, love, and self-discovery unfurls in a kingdom of ice, where the legends of old feel as real as the biting cold.

Dira Cloon's story is one of choices that can change destinies and the magic that binds us to our true selves. It's a narrative that challenges the heart to brave the unknown and promises readers a journey as profound as it is poignant.

Let the Stories Begin

While the allure of new books never fades, the joy of reading them before they're published is a unique thrill that NetGalley offers. These two titles from Sword and Silk Books are just waiting to be added to your "to-be-read" pile, to transport you to realms where every turn of the page is an adventure.

So, fellow readers, I invite you to revisit the shelves of NetGalley and let the enchantment of these stories remind you why you fell in love with reading in the first place. After all, there's no better time than now to get lost in a book, and no better place than here to find your way there.

Explore, read, and let your imagination soar.

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