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Cover Reveal - The Spoiler by LE Todd

Hey Book Lovers!

Big news dropping today! 🎬✨

We've got an amazing cover reveal for "The Spoiler" by LE Todd, and trust me, you're gonna wanna see this. It's all about movies, mayhem, and that sweet, sweet taste of payback.

First things first, here's the scoop on the story:

"College student Rose Maraczek loves movies. Not just any movies, but sweeping period dramas that take her far away from who she is. Her obsession started in high school when a box of movies appeared on her doorstep and she discovered the relief they could give her from her debilitating OCD. What Rose hates are spoilers—especially those that ruin the escape she seeks.

Tristan Moore, Rose's former crush and her brother's best friend, is the bane of her existence. Always at their house, everything he does gets under Rose's skin, the worst of which is his consistent dropping of movie spoilers. Fed up, Rose sets out to find a new apartment, but it's while trying to distance herself from Tristan that he reveals one final spoiler—one that makes Rose realize it was Tristan who left all those movies for her years ago.

Now it's Rose's turn for revenge as she forms a movie-spoiler plan of her own:

Destroy Tristan Moore."

And now... drumroll... Check out this awesome cover!

Isn't it just the best? That throwback vibe with a modern twist is everything. The cover art whispers of secrets and cinema with its rich tapestry of dark blue and the silhouettes that hint at a deeper connection between our protagonists. The golden reels, tickets, and romantic elements set against this backdrop promise a love story that's both classic and fresh. The cover design magic is by the super talented Celin Chen, who turned "The Spoiler" into a visual throwback treat!

Imagine "The Hating Game " meets "Boyfriend Material" with a sprinkle of "Well Met" vibes – that's the level of feels we're talking about here. If those are your jam, then "The Spoiler" is like finding the perfect pair of low-rise jeans and a flip phone in the back of your closet – it just fits.

Set to hit shelves on June 18th, 2024, this book is gonna be your new obsession.

So, grab your popcorn and your pre-orders, folks. This is one movie – err, book – you won't want to end. And no need for a spoiler alert; we promise it's all good stuff ahead.

Stay awesome, bookworms!

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