Saving Shimmer

Laynie Bynum

YA Urban Fantasy

Ten years ago a troublesome pixie tricked Annalise and Asher into getting lost in the woods. At least, that's what Asher remembers.

Annalise is convinced it was a stupid game they used to play. Just make-believe. And since Asher refused to admit it, she walked away from him for good. Or as far as she could at least, with him living right next door.

Now Annalise has her head in machines, logical things she can figure out with science. And Asher's only friend is his guitar, despite the girls falling at his feet.

When a development company buys the trailer park they live in to make way for a new subdivision, Annalise and Asher won't just have to move, they will have to face their past and discover how much of it was real and how much was the imagination of two bored children.

Release Date:

October 13th, 2020

A Feeling Like Home

Haleigh Wenger

YA Contemporary Romance

Sixteen-year-old Paige Williams can’t stop self-sabotaging.

Not when her dad gets sick, not when her relationship implodes, not even when her parents send her to another-freaking-state for the summer to live with her sister. Paige just wants to have fun, spray paint a few walls, and block out everything stressful, including her growing concern that she might be sick as well. To make things worse, her parents threaten her with boarding school in the fall if she can’t prove she’s changed her bad habits.

Just as Paige begins to feel settled in Texas, her dad’s worsening Crohn’s disease brings her home to Seattle. When her own health fails her, she has the choice of staying at home and receiving care. Or, she could go back to Texas and prove for once and for all that she’s more than her mistakes and more than a disease. Torn between two worlds and two versions of herself, Paige must decide where, and with whom, she truly feels at home. 

Release Date:

August 3rd, 2021

Celtic Cross

M. Dalto

NA Romantic Suspense

Every card has a meaning, but not all are pleasant.


Siobhan Brady is a Tarot reader, a profession that called to her ever since she was young. So when the same card begins to repeatedly present itself during her daily personal readings, her intuition tells her there's something greater at play than just a random draw.


But when the mysterious MacKenzie Stewart crosses her path, Siobhan realizes the cards weren't lying, and soon finds herself in the middle of a deadly spread where not even Fate can determine the outcome.

Release Date:

November 24th, 2020

Never Say Never

Justine Manzano

YA  Romance with Fantastical Elements

After she walks in on her mom doing the horizontal mambo with a man that’s decidedly not her dad, Brynn Stark swears to NEVER fall in love. One of her friends--Val-- reveals her true identity--Aphrodite, goddess of love, and promises to show Brynn why she shouldn’t lose faith.

But when Brynn realizes she’s beginning to fall for Adam, Aphrodite's boyfriend, Brynn’s forced to decide if she’ll choose her goddess-given fate, or risk it all for the wrong-but-right guy.

One thing’s for sure.

Love sucks.

And it's all about to blow up in their faces.

Release Date:

June 15th, 2021

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