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Unravel Release Day!

Greetings Readers! Our first release of 2022 is here! Today is release day for Amelia Loken's Unravel. Are you excited? We definitely are!

"What really captured my attention was how rich the fantasy world was, along with the writing. This is a solid debut, it kept my attention the whole time and the pacing never faltered." -M Reads Often, GoodReads Review

"Everything about this book is a delight – the Valonian Oak illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, as well as the descriptions of stitches and dyes; the fast paced action; the peaks and valleys of hope and relief and despair and fear; the varied venues depicted in the tale." -Robin, GoodReads Review

Tune in this Thursday, February 17th, 7:30pm CST/ 8:30PM EST for Unravel's Virtual Book Launch on Instagram Live, cohosted with Amelia Loken & Ayana Gray

"I enjoyed this story much more than I originally anticipated. Loken did a fantastic job with her debut novel. Her writing is done so well and beautifully executed. Who wouldn't love a story about a strong deaf princess witch? And I'm here to say the book didn't disappoint." -Rubie C, NetGalley Review

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