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The New Sword & Silk #MSWL

Good Morning and Happy Friday ! We've made it to the end of another week and today on the blog we thought we would kick off the month with a brand new #MSWL! Spring is in the air, the birds are singing and there are new trends emerging!

Sword & Silk's #MSWL

  • Reverse Portal Fantasy- Fantasy is full of fantastic worlds and amazing landscapes, but we want to see the reversal! Give us your elves trying to maneuver through the daily tedium of working a 9-5 retail job. Give us your confused, flustered old god trying to pick their way through the mine field of a high school social hierarchy.

  • Books in Verse- This may sound like we are walking back on our poetry submission policy, but if you submit a full length book in verse that is impressive. Bonus points if its in Iambic pentameter.

  • Space Orcs - Market research shows a surge of non human heroes. From Sci Fi to Romance, there has been a surprising upsurge of interest in these misunderstood gray skinned leather clad former baddies and we love to see it.

  • Anthropomorphic Object Romance- Romance is a genre where you can boldly go where no man has gone before, and that includes exploring the forbidden love between two former inanimate objects. Tell us the steamy office tale between the paperclip and the stapler.

  • Thinly veiled #ACOTAR fanfiction- Look, you know we love it. Technicalities aside, we suggest alternate words and phrases in place of wing spans and barking shins.

Please make sure to follow all of our submission guidelines found here. Happy querying!

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