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Friday Fun: Library Card Sign Up Month

Hello and Happy Friday Readers!

Did you know that September is Library Card Sign Up Month?

While every month tends to celebrate multiple events and causes, this one goes to my book loving heart. The library was a safe space to myself, and so many others, growing up. It was a sanctuary, a place of wonder, and a gateway to a thousand new worlds.

I will never pass up the opportunity to shout about the importance of libraries. Now, more than ever, libraries are vital to communities, shouldering a niche beyond their original parameters. They have become a haven to the vulnerable. Libraries have become a battle ground in the fight against banning books.

The Importance of Libraries

  • Libraries are a free educational resource. Libraries provide free internet access, computer usage, and access to the vast interconnected National catalog. They possess archives of news and magazine articles, reference materials, and more. Many libraries host after school and summer programs that promote learning and give children and teens a place of study and safety.

  • Libraries are equipped with resources for marginalized and vulnerable communities. From handicap access, ASL courses, anti-prom and resources for LGBTQ+ youth, free meals for children throughout the year, and more.

  • Libraries are places that preserve history and cultural heritage, both national and local.

  • They promote literacy, a sense of community and above all, a safe space for kids. There is a sanctuary quality to libraries, a secular haven for children from all walks of life.

Organized archives allow people to research genealogy and immigration history, do environmental research, find maps, digitize records, and more.
  • They boost local economies. Libraries host job fairs, provide financial learning resources, offer classes on business and financing, and help learn new technological skills.

  • Libraries build and support communities. They work with schools to provide summer reading resources, host family programs, senior programs, and more.

Libraries are the backbone of communities. So if you haven't visited your local library yet, the door is open.

Resources & Further Reading

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