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Friday Fun: Bookish Holiday Gift Ideas

Good morning readers! We've made it through another week and with the holiday season barreling down on us, it's the time of year where we think about gift giving. So today, here are some bookish holiday gift ideas to spoil the book lovers in your life.

Bookish Holiday Gift Ideas

A Book Advent Calendar

What better way to celebrate the indoor cozy season than a fat stack of books. Advent calendars are a countdown to the big gift giving day and can feature anything from ornaments to hang on the tree to cheeses and mini bottles of wine. A Book Advent Calendar follows the same idea and you can theme it however you like towards your book lover's taste. If the idea of twenty five books feels daunting to the wallet, shop indie and second hand. A lot of used book stores have pristine copies and give books a second chance to be loved. Used book stores can also be a surprisingly good resource for signed copies and first editions. Or you can get creative and create an e-advent calendar for ebooks.

A Custom Library Stamp

Perfect for the book hoarder that holds onto their treasures, a custom library stamp is a gift that keeps on giving. You can usually find many styles and designs on sites like Etsy (a treasure trove for bookish custom made gifts) and at an affordable price too.

Bookish Swag

Thanks to the swell in popularity of book boxes over the past decade, Bookish Swag or Book Themed items continue to be a loved and popular collectible in the reading community. If you have a book lover that moons over a specific popular series, you have a high chance of finding everything from custom made candles to artfully done bookmarks, character art, posters, pins, jewelry, stickers, and more on sites like Etsy. Not only will you find some absolutely amazing book themed gifts, but you will be supporting small businesses. Etsy is not the only game in town. There are other sites like Uncommon Goods and hidden gems on Amazon worth exploring too.

A Monthly Book Box

Speaking of Bookish Swag, there are numerous book boxes out there that are worth looking into and most of them have a month to month purchase option that will allow you to gift something special without a lengthy commitment, which means you can purchase a single month for the book lover in your life to try out. There are also many flavors of book boxes that specialize in everything from Used Books to Fantasy, to Indie books, to Nerd Culture themed book boxes. Many Book Box companies have their own websites or you can browse a second hand index site like Cratejoy to see what's out there.

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