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Friday Fun: Book Trends for 2022

Good morning and happy Friday readers! We've made it to the end of another week. A couple weeks back I did a post for the writer side on this blog about publishing trends, so in all fairness I thought I would share some of the predicted trends for the book world.

Book Trends for 2022

The Continuing Rise of Diversity

We are so excited to see it. It's been a long hard battleground but more and more diverse books are not only being published but getting the buzz needed to succeed. It has been a hellish time to release and promote books but despite the many pandemic induced pitfalls, several titles have met with immense success, from award nominations to hitting the NYT List and gaining a following thanks to outlets like booktok. That being said, there is still a steep climb for diverse fiction and while the numbers are rising, it is important to keep the momentum going. Even a juggernaut like Disney has been making strides towards representation, but there is still a long road and with the bottle neck of big publishing, a difficult one. Expect more LGBTQ, BIPOC, and Neurodiverse lit to hit the shelves this year.

Sci-fi & Dystopian Fiction

This may seem like a contrary trend considering the current state of the world but science fiction and dystopian fiction in particular are often cutting reflections of our society. While the subject matter can be grim, these novels often deal with current topics in speculative ways, not simply discussing how the world comes to an end but how we can fix it or survive it. There is often a kernel of hope in dystopic fiction, that despite the upheaval of civilization as we know it, we still find ways to thrive and survive. There is an appeal to this sort of fiction that provides an escapism in itself.

Social & Political Issues (Bonus: Political Non-Fiction)

This generation experienced an awakening in political & social discourse as those topics came into sharp relief against a growing indifference of politics. Now there is a massive upturn in discourse around these topics, coupled with an intense shift in how the media on both sides of the political & social spectrum presents news. Fiction is often a reflection of our society and so we expect to see more social & political topics tackled across various genres. And with midterm elections coming in the U.S. expect to see a slew of political nonfiction popping up everywhere.

Escapist Fiction

Bring on the fluff! I, for one, love fiction that lets me check out of reality for a few hours. With so much heaviness in day to day life, readers will be seeking light, fun reads to provide a respite. Prepare to see a big boom in romance, fantasy and other escapist genres this year, not only in books but likely in shows and movies as well.

Resources & Further Reading

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