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Friday Fun: Blogversary! (And Write Hive!)

Greetings readers and welcome to the end of another week! There is a lot going on right now. Sometimes it's hard to keep going under the onslaught of rapid fire events, but it is also important to celebrate your small victories, whatever they might be. It's important to celebrate the victories of others, that it's okay to cherish the things we have worked hard for. This is not a dismissal to the gravity of current events, or the very vital need to fight for change, but we need to hold onto the good too. Whether it's getting that heart during a pitch event. Getting a good review. Holding your loved ones close. Snuggling your fur babies. It is important to find lights in the dark, to find warmth where we can, because we need warmth, we need the strength we gain from it to keep fighting another day. I did not intend to start off the post this way, on what might sound like a downer, but this is also a piece of my warmth.

Becoming part of Sword & Silk, further entrenching myself in the writing community in a new facet has become something I treasure. I treasure celebrating new authors. I treasure celebrating books. I treasure this fantastic crew of people I've surrounded myself with. It's part of my warmth and I am so pleased I get to share these experiences and joy of books with all of you.

Okay. High note. Today marks, officially, one year since I took up the mantle of Blog Maven for Sword & Silk and what a ride it's been.

And I'm just getting started.

Onto House Business!

This weekend Sword & Silk will be joining the absolute awesomeness of Write Hive for WriteHiveCon.

The Write Hive Annual Conference is a free online writing conference for authors, centered around the craft of writing, publishing, and the writing community. There are all sorts of thoughtful and informative panels, workshops, and discussions happening this weekend and there is still time to jump in!

Sword & Silk will be hosting a Workshop TONIGHT!

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Submitting to Indie Publishers

*No RSVP needed for this workshop. To attend, please log on to the appropriate text channel*

You've studied up on the different paths to publishing and decided that independent publishers might be the way to go, but now what?

In this workshop, find out how to find, research, and submit to indie pubs with advice from the other side. The co-owners and submissions intern of Sword and Silk Books- an indie publisher- answer your questions about the process, go over how submitting to publishers is different than submitting to agents, and share tips and tricks for hooking publishers with your query letter and first pages (including giving insight into a couple that landed S&S book deals).

And Join Us Saturday for the Indie Publisher Panel!

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Indie Publisher Roundtable

What is an indie press, and how do they differ from self-publishing? With all the varied paths to publishing, it can be hard at first to tell them apart, and even harder to choose the best path for you. We’re going to talk a little about indie presses, their advantages and disadvantages, and what to look for when considering an indie publisher.

If you haven't had the chance to play our onsite Easter Egg hunt, you still can! Click through our very cleverly concealed eggs *wink winky* for a special sneak peek of the upcoming A Feeling Like Home from Haleigh Wenger!

And stay tuned for next week, where Sword & Silk's official anniversary kicks off with some other news and fun stuff!

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