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A Guise of the Sea Hype Week: A Sea Worthy Playlist

Welcome Readers! Hype Week for Jenna Mandarino's historical fiction novel A Guise of the Sea continues today with a playlist worthy of a 1750's nautical adventure.

A Guise of the Sea Hype Week: A Sea Worthy Playlist

Today I would like to share my playlist for A Guise of the Sea.

A Guise of the Sea Playlist was created on a few moments in the books. Most are based on overall vibes, but there are a few that are from specific moments. Basically anytime Emme does anything dangerous and/or adventurous, I heard the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. Bagpipes playing in the background was a norm for me too.

I included a lot of the Bridgerton soundtrack because, while this is set before the regency era, I feel like Emme wanted to be a Bridgerton-esque socialite. Her life was like that before the spiraling of events throughout the beginning of the book. I also included a few love songs as romance is often central to my plots. I hope you enjoy listening while you read

An Unexpected Bookshop's feature for A Guise of the Sea goes live today!

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