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Writer Wednesday: 'Treat Yourself ' Author Edition

Good morning authors and welcome to another Writer Wednesday. There is a lot going on in the world right now, and while many of the situations happening right now might leave you feeling a sense of helplessness, remember to be kind to yourselves. The holidays are barreling around the corner and whether you are making a wish list, need a few ideas for the author friend in your life, or need to treat yourself to something, here are a few surprising and practical gift ideas.

'Treat Yourself' Author Edition

Buy that Planner for the New Year

An unusual choice, you might say, but a yearly planner can be a boon for keeping deadlines, tracking word counts, events, daily/ weekly to do lists, story ideas, character notes and more. Whether you buy a fancy one or a plain one and personalize it up, a planner can give you an optimistic mindset for the New Year, and prove a surprisingly practical tool.

Snag a Laptop Stand

This was such a game changer for me, between providing wrist elevation, online meetings and conventions, editing, and even watching movies in my downtime, I've gotten a surprising amount of use out of a laptop stand. Cheap, adjustable, and available in a variety of colors.

That Mouse Pad with the Wrist Cushion

Spending a lot of hours at the computer can take a toll on the body and if you can have tools that protect your body even a little from daily wear and tear, they are worth it. You may not be able to spring for the more expensive options like a standing desk, but there are options to help protect an author's assets, like their wrists. Like having an ergonomic keyboard, spending a little bit extra on a mouse pad with a cushion to protect your wrist goes a long way. If you are feeling fancy, there are many customizable options to give your writing space a personal touch.

No Spill Coffee Mugs/ Tumbler

Whether you write at your computer desk or take your laptop on the go, having something accessible and safe to hold your beverage of choice in is a must. As a klutz, making the switch from open coffee mugs to closed and sealed travel mugs and tumblers saved me many messes and more than a few keyboards. Its important to stay hydrated or caffeinated while trying to hit those deadlines. These come in a variety of styles and price ranges to suit your needs.


Whaaat? Who put this here? But seriously, what better rhyme or reason to add to your TBR than treating yourself to a few titles this holiday season. Reading stories feeds the mind and refills the creative meter. Buy a few indies you've been eyeing. Snag that best seller everyone has been talking about. Stumble on a sale and stuff your kindle silly. Tis the season for stocking up on reads for the long winter nights.

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