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Writer Wednesday: Sword & Silk's #MSWL

Good morning authors and welcome to the middle of the week! This past weekend Sword & Silk participated in the very excellent Write Hive virtual writer's convention, which was an absolute blast. We have some very exciting things in the works and we are currently celebrating a year in business! (Huzzah!) Our submissions are currently still open and we thought it was high time for an updated Sword & Silk Manuscript Wish List!

The General Range

We are currently open to almost anything except middle grade, children’s books, erotica, non-fiction, and poetry. However, we are actively looking for gripping mystery/thriller, ghostly paranormal, and horror novels with just the right amount of creepiness. These can range in audience from young adult through to, and including, adult.

The Wishlist

In particular, we’d love to see books with the following or that include the following themes:

- A protagonist with a ghost sidekick or love interest

- Dark academia with a mystery element that can compare at least a little to Nancy Drew or Riverdale

- A story featuring mermaids or sirens as main characters

- Contemporary thrillers that take place in small towns

- Brooding, seemingly ageless love interests like Geralt in The Witcher

- Anything #ownvoices

- LGBTQIA+ stories, in particular ones that explore asexuality

- Books that are set outside of the USA. We’d love to see something set in a snowy climate!

- New adult / college stories that explore tough topics surrounding growing up and / or moving away

- Dual POV

House Business

#ICYMI As we stride into our second year, several staff in house have received new titles to reflect the scope of their role within the house.

Congrats ladies and here is to continuing to kick butt and take names in our second year!

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With your new MSWL list, can you provide directions on how you'd prefer to be contacted? From David White,

Kristin Jacques
Kristin Jacques
Apr 21, 2021
Replying to

Hello David! All guidelines for submissions can be found here:

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