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Unravel Character Aesthetics

Good Morning Readers! In honor of #FridayFun and in anticipation of Unravel's release next Tuesday, today is all about the aesthetics. Author Amelia Loken has a fabulous attention to detail and world building which is reflected straight down to the playlists and character mood boards surrounding this epic YA fantasy. Today we are featuring the gorgeous character aesthetics Amelia created for her cast.

Amelia Loken Presents Character Aesthetics from Unravel

"Truth is my justice. I will embroider it on my very clothes."

"I want to see more Deaf-pov fiction... books like this, where hearing loss is a challenge to work with but not a flaw to erase or something wrongly interpreted as an all-consuming disability that prevents a protagonist from living a rich and vibrant life. I didn't know I wanted this until now, so kudos to Loken for making me crave more." -Sage S. NetGalley Review

Join author Amelia Loken & best selling author of Beasts of Prey, Ayana Gray for the Virtual Book Launch of Unravel on Instagram Live with a giveaways & an author chat of magic, friendship, and world building.

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