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The Almost Queen Playlist

Tunes to Get You Ready for The Almost Queen

A Post by Alys Murray

Look, if you’re anything like me, you definitely spent a more-than-could-be-considered-healthy amount of time in 7th and 8th grade scanning Stephenie Meyer’s website for her book playlists. Before Spotify was a thing, you probably made youtube playlists that started out with her famous track listings (helpfully marked with which character they were meant to be from the point of view of) and then spent hours scanning recommended videos or fan sites, searching for new additions to add to your own book-inspired mix.

In the spirit of these author-fan mashup mixes from my first days in the bookish fandom trenches, as we approach the release of The Almost Queen, I wanted to share my own author playlist. Are there several Hozier songs on it? Yes. Does this playlist give this book away as an enemies to lovers angst fest? You bet. Is my music taste still stuck in 2012? 100% Do I wish there were more songs about badass women hesitantly falling in love with men who worship the ground they walk on? You’d better believe it. But, with all of that said, I really hope you love the playlist and The Almost Queen!

If you read the book and find your own songs to add, make sure to shout them out to me on twitter, @writeralys! I’m always looking for new writing music!

Are you ready? The Almost Queen releases next Tuesday! You can grab your copy today where most books are sold or in the Sword & Silk bookshop

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