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Mind Like A Diamond Book Trailer & Playlist

Good morning readers and welcome to another post for Mind Like A Diamond hype week! Today we are bringing you a book trailer tailored by Amanda Pavlov for her debut that drops this coming Tuesday!

To compliment this very awesome book trailer is a curated playlist of songs for Mind Like a Diamond.

Housekeeping Reminders!

Next week is full of events and more posts from author Amanda Pavlov, including a bonus prequel story for Mind Like A Diamond.

This Tuesday, December 14 is release day and the Instagram Live with Amanda Pavlov & Ginny Myers Sain.

Then Thursday, the 16th, is a local Mississippi book signing at The Greenhouse on Porter from 5 to 8pm CT with authors Jennifer Moffett and Sarah Adlakha! If you are in the area, be sure to drop by and say hello!

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