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Friday Fun: Maven's #MSWL

Good Morning and Happy Friday Readers. We have made it to the end of another week. Now, if your summer is a hectic mess like mine, you might find reading time a little scarce here and there. Or worse, the dreaded 'I have 900 books and nothing to read' mentality that seems to strike every weekend. While my TBR threatens to collapse in revolt and the 19 books I have half read glower at me from the digital depths of my kindle, I, the Blog Maven, would like to talk about my own #MSWL *

*This wish list is not recognized by the Sword & Silk Acquisitions Team or any sensible affiliate.

The Maven's Manuscript Wish List

  1. More Chaotic Alignment Pirates: Pirates have been cropping up more and more lately! I am happy to see some high seas adventures rolling out with novels like In Deeper Waters by F.T. Lukens and Crossbones from Kimberly Vale but we could always have more. Give me pirate bisexual disasters. Gender fluid pirate shenanigans? I am here for it. More love stories between pirates & sea monsters? Sign me right up.

  2. Dinosaurs- Look, we've all side eyed that corner of the romance market, but I want more dinosaurs period. I'm not talking Jurassic park 30th reboot. Give me dinos in space. Give me dinos in down town Manhattan for no good reason. I think there is a lot of creative potential to be tapped into here besides 'Being Ravished by the Ravasaur'.

  3. Globally Diverse Vampire Stories- Nothing against the pale and blood thirsty, but it's high time the resurging vampire trend coughed up vampire origins stories that explored the mythos of bloodsuckers in the far parts of the world. There are some truly terrifying vampiric myths out there and I would love to see more of them.

  4. More Sci Fi & Horror Fairy Tale Retellings- We all love a good retelling. And they continue to crop up, from different eras, perspectives and more, but what I want to see? More fairy tales that test the boundaries of science fiction. We've had tastes of Pinocchio in androids attempting to gain humanity and horrific twists on Snow White and my palate is ready for more!

  5. Aged Up Chosen Ones- I love a well done chosen one trope as well as the next, but I think it's high time we really flipped this trope on its head. Give me the Chosen Geriatric heroes. Give me a grumpy 40 year old millennial. I want the chosen one who would much rather be sitting on the couch with a pint of ice cream and the Netflix than out saving the world and getting a sore back for their troubles.

And that, my friends, is just a smattering of subs I would like to see. Just saying....more book could use a stegosaurus or two. Think of the entertainment factor alone if you were reading some YA contemporary and a brachiosaurus was just chilling in the back ground.

Coming Up

Next week we are revving up posts for the release of A Feeling Like Home from Haleigh Wenger, which releases August 3rd! Stay Tuned!

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