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Available Now: The Anniversary Edition of The Almost Queen

Hello and Happy Friday Readers! We are excited to celebrate the release of our third Anniversary Edition Hardcover with Alys Murray's The Almost Queen. This gorgeous romantic fantasy is a must have for fans of enemies to lovers.

The Witch Needs Her Freedom.

Ellara Wist, one of the many witches that fought on the losing side of the war, has no intentions of returning to Outerland when it is finished and she has no intention of letting her fellow witches suffer either. So, during her sentencing for war crimes against the kingdom of Aulen, she boldly offers their new king a proposal: she’ll join the king’s court as his own personal sorceress in exchange for the lives and freedom of those trapped in Outerland.

The King Needs a Wife.

Terran didn’t want to be king. But after years of war and the loss of almost his entire family, he will not put the crown aside. But when a witch from his past offers herself as a sacrifice, he sees her as an equal. So, he instead counters her offer with one of his own: Don’t be my sorceress. Be my Queen.

And the deal they strike will change their world forever.

Desperate, Ellara agrees, swearing to herself that she could never love him. But as time reveals the man she’s married not as the monster everyone thought he was and danger draws them closer together, she finds her vow almost impossible to keep.

"This book was an absolute joy to read from the first page to the last . Ellora is an amazing character of strength and conviction and I loved that she is a witch with green skin. There were so many universal truths about understanding, prejudice, and trust. The twists in plot hold your attention. I am so glad to have discovered this book!"
-Amazon Review

This special edition hardcover contains bonus material by the author and a specially designed jacket and interior. The Almost Queen is available in hardcover where most books are sold.

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