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Author Spotlight: Nicole Bea

Howdy and good morning readers! We've made it to the end of another week and today is another stop on the Author Spotlight tour with Sword & Silk author Nicole Bea. An author of many hats and many novels, Nicole's S & S title Beneath the Starlit Sea is tale of gorgeous prose, magic, and romance with swoon worthy characters. Not to mention the fox companion everyone wants.

Author Spotlight: Nicole Bea and Beneath the Starlit Sea

If your book was adapted to the screen, would you want to see it as a movie, a limited short series, or something else?

I think that I'd want to see it done as a movie, though I'd be totally open to a one-season type of Netflix show! It would be really interesting to see it on screen like that, and I think it could be done in a similar way to The Witcher, though likely not with as many seasons!

If you could write a spin off novel for one character in your book, who would it be and why?

Oh no! I can only pick one? My first instinct is to say Thierry. I think it would be interesting to see the story from a fox's perspective. Plus, I think he'd have a lot of running commentary that would add to the story in ways we weren't able to see with Illyse's POV.

Your characters are dropped into an alternate universe! What AU would you love to see your characters run amok in?

I think it would be fun to see them in some kind of contemporary universe from a NA novel. I also think it would be kind of amusing to see them in a Greek Mythology based AU as well, but a steamy one with monsters and demi-gods. I'm not sure what they would do in either scenario, but I'd be curious to find out!

What are the theme songs for your main characters?

Throughout the entire drafting process, I listened to The Witcher 3 video game soundtrack so I feel as if that whole thing is the theme for Beneath the Starlit Sea. Just one really long song with a bunch of different feelings throughout! I have this habit of listening to things on repeat when I'm writing.

What is your next project? What other works would you like to share?

I'm working on a bunch of things right now, but I have a contemporary upper YA releasing in February 2023 about friendship, toxic love, and leaving things behind, and I'm starting to draft a second contemporary upper YA that focuses on self-discovery, religious upbringing, and the depths of feelings of isolation. Both of them have been really great to work on, and I'm looking forward to having them out in the world.

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