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Author Spotlight: Haleigh Wenger

Good morning readers and welcome to the end of another week! February is here and that means next week will kick off hype week for our first release of the year, with Lillah Lawson's So Long, Bobby. Today we are continuing our author spotlight series with the award winning A Feeling Like Home by Haleigh Wenger! This summery YA tale features Paige coming into her own and her swoon worthy relationship with Joey.

Author Spotlight with Haleigh Wenger and A Feeling Like Home

If your book was adapted to the screen, would you want to see it as a movie, a limited short series, or something else?

A Feeling Like Home would make a great movie, if you ask me! I'd love to see Paige with all her siblings on screen.

If you could write a spin off novel for one character in your book, who would it be and why?

I think a spin off novel about Griffin would be a lot of fun. He's a favorite character and he doesn't get the nicely wrapped up ending that he deserves on page.

Your characters are dropped into an alternate universe! What AU would you love to see your characters run amok in?

I'm not sure how well they'd do, but I would drop my poor characters into The Lord of the Rings because I've been obsessing over hobbits and wizards and elves lately.

What are the theme songs for your main characters?

Paige's theme song is Still Learning by Halsey.

What is your next project? What other works would you like to share?

My first adult book comes out this August! Like Paige in A Feeling Like Home, Kell in MANAGING THE MATTHEWS has Crohn's disease. Kell is a manager in Hollywood for three famous brothers, one of which broke her heart and another who she fake dates for a chaotic reality show.

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