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Author Spotlight: Alys Murray

Good morning readers and welcome to the end of the first week of the New Year! We are continuing with our Author Spotlight series in 2023, and today we are shining the floodlights on the multi talented author and screen writer Alys Murray and her novel The Almost Queen. Alys is another Sword & Silk OG and we love the enemies to lovers story of Ellara and Terran.

Author Spotlight: Alys Murray and The Almost Queen

If your book was adapted to the screen, would you want to see it as a movie, a limited short series, or something else?

I would love to see it as a movie! I think a big-budget fantasy romance movie starring a plus-size witch would be very fun.

If you could write a spin off novel for one character in your book, who would it be and why?

Despite the man he becomes, I really love Elias. I think a story about he and Briony would be very fun - maybe Elias is banished to the Outerlands and Briony sort of torments him until they fall in love. I think that would be great fun.

Your characters are dropped into an alternate universe! What AU would you love to see your characters run amok in?

Star Wars AU. Ellara as a reformed Sith and Terran as a highly principled Jedi falling in love feels very right to me.

What are the themes songs for your main characters?

  • I of the Storm by Monsters and Men (Terran)

  • Wicked Game by Gemma Hayes (Ellara)

What is your next project? What other works would you like to share?

I mostly work in television now, but I am very excited about this historical romance I’ve been working on - a sexy historical romance set at the turn of the century and starring a plus-size vaudeville actress.

Keep an eye out for the Anniversary Hardcover edition of The Almost Queen coming soon!

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