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Acquisitions Announcement: Tanya Cimone

Sword and Silk is pleased to welcome Tanya Cimone

Her novel, Forbidden Blood, is an NA Fantasy Romance comparable to Sacrifice and Blood and Ash.

Raised in a golden cage by the Purebloods' ruler, Eva longs for freedom, until one man comes along with an irresistible offer that could ignite the flames of war, unraveling secrets and altering the course of her destiny.

Long Blurb:

Eva Artino is the treasured secret of the Purebloods, rulers of the vampirical Sanguisuge race. As the only half-human, half-Sanguisuge being in existence, her true nature and unusual abilities were to be hidden until she’d come of age. High expectations and a brutal upbringing have made Eva an outsider in her own kingdom, trapped in a gilded cage. Raised for power, trained to be the strongest, Eva’s life is mapped for her, down to her two allowed friends and utter lack of romance. But as her strength grows, so does her desire for freedom and her willingness to bend the rules that safeguard her.

Cue a gorgeous green-eyed stranger.

Damian barrels into her life on a bet, but he’s more of a gamble than Eva realizes. After clawing his way back from a feral existence, Damian has two items on his agenda. One, free the humans from the Purebloods’ tyranny. Two, enact vengeance against the future ruler, Prince Gabriel, who happens to be Eva’s dearest friend. The plan, crafted over centuries, was simple: force the treaty down the prince’s throat and make him experience a pain equal to the hole in Damian’s own heart. Nothing and no one could divert him from his plan … until he met Eva.

A passion that Damian didn’t anticipate and that Eva has never experienced threatens the treaty and Eva’s already limited freedom. Because Damian and Eva are both unaware that the other hides a uniquely powerful monster inside, and the collision of their worlds could cause a catastrophic war. Eva must decide if the cost of her liberation is worth the lives of hundreds of innocents.

Can they really jeopardize everything they hold dear, just to have each other?


Tanya Cimone was born and raised in Montreal. Her first language is French. Tanya is a mother of two little girls. She is passionate about exploring the world and discovering new things. In addition to being a busy parent, Tanya is also an avid reader and writer. When she's not caring for her family or lost in a book, she enjoys putting pen to paper to create her own stories.

Tanya holds a bachelor’s degree in international business. She also studied Creative Writing at Oxford University, where she honed her writing skills and learned from experienced authors and educators.

Currently, Tanya is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Queen's University, where she is delving deeper into the world of literature and exploring the works of classic and contemporary authors.

Her writing is created when she wants to escape into some magic. A world where there’s no rules other than the ones she sets in her mind. Tanya especially loves a story where things aren’t always what it seems. More than ever, she loves to fall in love.

An Introductory Interview With Tanya

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m from Canada Montreal. Therefor my first language is French. I’m a mother of two young girls. I have a bachelors in international business. I studied creative writing in Oxford and I’m currently at Queens university in English Lit. i have a short story coming out in October 2023 with Cinnabar moth publishing which will be link to FORBIDDEN BLOOD.

Where did the Inspiration for your book come from?

I wrote the first draft like 15 years ago when I was 18. I didn’t touch it again until three years ago. I always loved stories that made my heart beat faster. The type I would think of days after I read it and I’d imagine writing the sequel. I wanted to write a story and offer the same to readers.

What is your writing process? Plotter or Pantser? Are you a morning or an evening writer? What is your tried and true method of getting words on paper?

Ok well, I have no process really. Is that bad? I think of one idea I like and start around that. And I write more random ideas until I have enough to make a plot. Very messy in my head but it always turns out fine. I write at all times but no matter what I aim to write a minimum of one thousand words a day. Even if I’ll delete it later on. I found some of my best ideas in writing when I had none.

Authors often impart part of themselves into their stories. Which character best reflects you? Do you share any personality traits with your protagonist?

Oh God. Don’t do this to me. If I did, it’ll be in the way Eva speaks. Perhaps deep down I wished I could use knifes or throw a punch the way she does. (Just kidding)

What drew you to your genre as an author?

I love a story with magic. Where they are no rules but the ones you set in your mind. Where nothing is what it seems and everything is a possibility. More ever I love to fall in love.

If you could give your teenage self one piece of advice, what would it be?

I’d tell myself “DO NOT LISTEN TO MOM AND DAD. Its not their fault. They truly thought studying English art would be wasting your brain on an useless diploma. You always had it in you.”

Where to Find Tanya

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