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A Realm of Ash and Shadow Hype Week: 6 Pick-A-Page Sneak Peeks

6 Pick-A-Page Sneak Peeks From A Realm of Ash and Shadow

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a question sticker in my IG Stories and asked my audience to submit a page number between 1-458 for me to pull little snippets from A Realm of Ash and Shadow. Below you’ll find a handful of responses and their designated sneak peek!

Page 13

Thirteen is my lucky number; I’m so happy someone submitted this page number. I had to include this fan-favorite quote because it’s fun, and it’s featured on the gorgeous pre-order incentive pin!

Page 77

Oh, this one is a fun one!

Page 222

I’m surprised two people asked for this page, so of course, I had to deliver a delicious snippet 👀

Page 310

Another fan-favorite sneak peek coming at you with the snippet below!

Page 338

Siblings, am I right? 😂

Page 372

Annnnnd if you like Messy characters who are impulsive and make mistakes (and grow from them) then you’ll find this sneak peek funny!

Not long until A Realm of Ash and Shadow is out in the wild! I can’t wait to see which quotes and moments throughout the book become favorites. Out of the above, which sneak peek do you enjoy the most? Tell me in the comments or over on my Instagram (@laraonfire) 🖤

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